Video, Audio & Rush Transcript: Governor Cuomo Swears in Laura Curran At Nassau County Executive Inauguration

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's picture
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Video, Audio & Rush Transcript: Governor...

Earlier today, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo swore in Laura Curran at the Nassau County Executive inauguration.


VIDEO of the event is available on YouTube here and in TV quality (h.264, mp4) format here.


AUDIO of Governor Cuomo's remarks is available here.


PHOTOS of the event will be available on the Governor's Flickr page.


A transcript of the Governor's remarks is available below.


Thank you very much. You know it's cold when Chuck Schumer gives a short speech. Happy New Year to all of you. First, to all my colleagues who are here, all the elected officials, County Executive Steve Bellone who is going to be a great partner with Laura Curran. It's a pleasure to be with him. Jay Jacobs, Tom Garry, all the people who work so hard to make today a day of history where we have the first woman Nassau County Executive. That is exciting. This is the time of the woman and we needed one and we have a great one. January 1, the New Year, new day, new beginning. For me, it's a special day, we lost my father on January 1 a couple of years ago. He had promised me that he would be there for my inauguration, he was, I gave my inaugural speech, he passed away right after the speech. Normally I stay home and think about him but my father would want me to be here today. Because this is a special day, and these are no ordinary times and Laura Curran is no ordinary person.


On a selfish level, I am excited to have a great partner as county executive. We're doing a lot of great things in Nassau. We're rebuilding the Long Island Railroad finally, finally, finally. Six-billion-dollar project. We are cleaning up the groundwater with the Grumman plume, we're going to make that happen this year. We're fixing our parks. We're doing a lot together, to have a good partner. And we are under assault by a federal government that is very good at doing bad things to the state of New York. Their tax reform plan can really unsettle this state. It's a real challenge for Nassau with the deductibility of state and local taxes, it's going to make the finances worse. We're going to need a leader with real courage, real energy and a leader who understands there is no simple solution.


I am excited that Laura is not a typical politician because there are no typical solutions to what we're going through. Laura has the strength, the courage, the leadership, that we need to make a difference and go forward. We are honored and blessed to have her.


I call up now, Laura, her husband John, her three daughters Julie, Claire and Molly to step up to the stage to take the oath of office.

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anonymous's picture

What is Laura's position on police worn body cameras to protect the integrity of investigations into excessive force abuses by police officers against Nassau County residents who taxes pay their salaries and lawsuits(!) Then ask her about Nassau County's (former) Executive leader Thomas Gullota's federal order, following the Thomas Pizzuto's death (1999) that implemented new reform policies that DA Dennis Dillon proposed to the legislature. Surveillance Cameras estimated to cast in excess of $2 million tax-payers dollars. Thomas Pizzuto, like Darryl Woody, was begging for his (prescribed) medications, when he too was attacked, beaten, brutalized by jail guards at NCCC. Darryl Woody was attacked by seven correctional guards that claimed that he had attempted suicide by slashing his wrists and neck , while on 1to1 constant-watch (suicide supervision) in a suicide prevention cell(!) Darryl was beaten and repeatedly tortured four separate instances that lasted seventeen hours before he was transported to NUMC' s Mental health wing. Day's later, Darryl Woody, while "still" on 1to1 constant-watch; under doctors care, was said to have been "Found Hanging!" The medical examiner ruled it; Death by asphyxiation_hanging(!) How is an innocent, mentally-ill pre-trial detainee who was denied medications and medical treatment at the jail Found Hanging" when he was under 24 hours constant watch following two earlier (reported) attempts and a mental history? This is a homicide that's being cover-up as a suicide by hanging at NUMC. All caught on Video Surveillance Cameras at NUMC and at NCCC. The jail blames NUMC, the Medical Center blames NCCC. Both conspire to violate Darryl Woody's Human and Civil Rights by [hiding the truth] about Darryl Woody's death by asphyxiation. Darryl's [suspicious] death was captured on Video Surveillance Cameras That (former) County Executive Thomas Gullota was ordered installed by the feds following Thomas Pizzuto's beating death. (federally indicted) Ed- sticky-fingers -Mangano breached his duties by conspiring to obstruct justice in Darryl Woody's death investigation using his office to manipulate and deny access to the damning evidence that proves Darryl Woody's January 3, 2011 death, while on suicide-watch at NUMC, is a homicide being covered-up as a suicide NUMC, NCCC, and Nassau County's [corrupt] Executive and legislative members that on the jails Advisory Board and failed to produce or review the government [ordered] installed, Da requested, legislature approved, government protected files_ the Video(s)! Malicious Tampering is a felony in New York State!. What's NUMC, NCCC, Nassau County's (federally indicted) racketeering 'Boss Ed sticky-fingers - Mangano and his crony appointed operatives and cohorts on the bench,"Have To Hide?" "We Can Handle The Truth!" "Release The Video(s)!" "Now!" This is a "Major Scandal! How did Nassau County's homicide Squad fail to review then take into evidence_the Video Surveillance Recordings? So what is Laura Curran's position on this Matter Of Darryl Woody's Human and Civil Rights to a Due process and a fair trial in Nassau County's (corrupt) Supreme Courts that's represented by all the states evidence testimonies, witnesses and Video Surveillance Files. Darryl Woody "Can't get Justice in Nassau County Courts where motions for review of Darryl's Video Surveillance Files are being injudiciously denied by the presiding justice. This is a political hit-job by a corrupt regime operating out of Nassau County's Sheriff's Department aided, abetted, and facilitated by Norma Gonsalves and her politically compromised associates on the Committees that over-sees the jail. They are all complicit in this cover-up for fail to show Due Diligence in this Matter Of Darryl Woody. Pizzuto's death got Cameras installed in NCCC and in NUMC's prison medical wing. Darryl Woody's death, while "still' on 1to1 suicide-watch, was captured on these Video Cameras approved by the legislature. This is a "Major Scandal!" This is a homicide! Trial Date: April of 2018. Yes, seven tears 'still' no closer to the truth! Index: 017721/2011. Ask Laura Curran to "What About Darryl Woody!" His death was caught on Video(s)! Ask that she as Executive Candidate can make her stand by filing a FOIl Request at Nassau County's Sheriff's Department where Sheriff Michael J. Spasato's wife Elizabeth Loconsolo heads the FOIL Request Appellate Division_A Conflict Of Interest! 'Talking about integrity(!)' From Thomas Pizzuto's death (1999) to Bartholomew Ryan death (2012)... "What About Darryl Woody! January 3, 2011 at NUMC/NCCC. Index: 017721/2011.

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