Vidsys Featured in ASIS 2017 Subject Matter Expert Guide

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Vidsys Founder & CEO James Chong was featured in the 2017 ASIS Subject Matter Expert Guide at the show. See an excerpt from his Q&A below.

What is the biggest challenge facing the industry today?

The challenge many organizations face today, is that there is a massive amount of data that is being collected that is neither actionable nor intelligent. This is a huge challenge for companies to figure out how to manage all of the incoming data, and not just manage it, but to use it effectively. From cameras to access control to all kinds of RFID or GPS devices generating data, organizations need an intelligent system that can pull in all of this information to visualize and unify what is going on, and provide procedures and action plans

when a particular situation is occurring.

What do you see as the greatest opportunity for innovation?

Smart buildings, cities and communities are going to transform that way that we live, work, eat and travel. We are already seeing many of these innovations for smart parking, lighting, public safety and more, but the solutions will continue to expand to improve our quality of life. The use cases are truly endless. Traffic management is one area where we are starting to see big things happen. Transportation departments are integrating with hardware around the city to understand traffic flow patterns, including how many people are going in what direction at what time, and can then in real-time change the programs so that there is a smoother flow of traffic around the city. This is one example of how a city can help its citizens in a tangible way, and Vidsys is excited to be a part of projects like these that are positively impacting everyday people’s lives.

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