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Do you too feel the pressure of work is much and the competition is so fierce that there is no-way for you to spend time with your family, kids and loved ones?

City, State, Country., July 9, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) -Ontario: Mothers have become super moms and fathers have become super busy as well. In the struggle to provide all the necessities and as much luxury as possible parents knock themselves out. Parents feel the pressure of work is much and the competition is so fierce that there is no-way to spend time with the family, kids and loved ones?
The latest survey: Well, there are amn y parents who feels so. In a recent survey conducted by ‘The Relationship School of’, the psychoanalyst found that more and more parents feel the work pressure and competition is keeping them up from spending quality time with their kids.
Parents’ expressions: One of the participant Mary Mathews, manager at a multinational FMCG and a mother of three expressed that, “Even when I am home, I work until midnight on my laptop. To keep up with the job responsibilities, we am missing out on the memories of my kids’ growth years.”
Jason Murdock, a father of two and a bank employee says, “We manage to find sometime with the children on weekends. During the weekdays, life keeps getting in between. They have school and extra-curricular activities to keep up with and qw have a commitment to provide them with the best we can.”
The experts take: However, the psychoanalyst and psychologist at ‘The relationship school of’ feel that with a bit of twist in adjustment of priorities and with a few minor adjustments, parents can spend ample amount of quality time with their kids.
“With facilities and with all the things that money can buy, can provide them with necessities and luxury. However, parents cannot nurture them the required values. Moreover, what we found was that most parents regret that their kids feel unloved and not important to the parent. Parents as they are unable to convey the feeling of love since they are busy providing for the family and children”, says Patrick L, the psychoanalyst and relationship therapist at “and a very simple solution to that is to hug the kids often and be vocal and tell the kids about the feelings and it works wonders”.
Patrick L further emphasized that by making a few adjustments with their attitude the parents will be able to see that the buying the latest laptop is not so important for the child as much as parnets being there for his baseball practice.
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