Vyoma Labs Launches the Android App Versions of Its Critically Acclaimed Products Baalaamodini and Shishugeetaani.

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The Baalaamodini app is designed in such a way that each app is a separate topic in Sanskrit Learning. Shishugeetaani similarly has two apps containing Sanskrit rhymes. Both are designed to teach Sanskrit on the go, which in today's fast paced world is the best learning companion and tutor.

Bangalore,Karnataka, India., December 26, 2013 - (PressReleasePoint) - VyomaLabs, the only private company in India working in the linguistics domain, today announced the launch of Android apps of Baalaamodini and Shishugeetaani. The Baalaamodini apps designed by a team of Sanskrit language and technological experts has had good responses by scholars and students alike. The glowing testimonials received from parents of toddlers and young children for Shishugeetaani are indicators that the app has been well received by the target audience.

Baalaamodini the flagship product of Vyoma Labs, is designed to teach Sanskrit at the basic level to an audience of all ages. The app list has fourteen apps of which four apps are free downloads. Each app is designed to teach one aspect of Sanskrit to the learner and the progression of the apps from basic sounds and words to complex words and sentences, is truly fluid. A dedicated student will learn the basics of Sanskrit using the Baalaamodini apps in two months if an hour is spent on it everyday.

Shishugeetaani is an app that contains Sanskrit nursery rhymes, designed for infants and young children. It is well known that knowing Sanskrit helps in pronunciation and develops the learning ability of children. And Shishugeetaani is one of the innovative ways that Vyoma Labs have come up with to intrduce Sanskrit at an early age. 

The apps are available on the Google Play store, and can be found under the publisher name: Vyoma Labs.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Venkatasubramanian, the Co-Founder of Vyoma Labs said, “the response and appreciation we received for Baalaamodini and Shishugeetaani as CD products was so great that it motivated us all to release the Android apps at the earliest. The product has been designed to teach Sanskrit to people on the go. The buzz surrounding the release is exciting and we are sure that this effort will be appreciated by one and all."

About Vyoma Labs:

Vyoma Linguistics Labs Foundation, a Non-Profit Private Ltd. organisation working in the area of Linguistics Research& Sanskrit E-learning, is the brain child of Venkatasubramanian P, Sudhir Patavardhan and Krishnamurthy B. Vyoma Labs has to its credit some of the well-known products in the Sanskrit domain that includes CBSE 10th Sanskrit, Sandhi, Shabdaroopasangraha, and Ashtadhyayi.

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