Walker Information

Agency Contact
Walker Information, 301 Pennsylvania Parkway, Indianapolis, IN 46280

Walker Information is a 60-year old research firm that measures and manages stakeholder relationships.Walker is a leader in Corporate Reputation measurement, and has an integrated suite of measurement tools for reputation, employee, and customer surveys.

We are researchers, technology specialists, strategists, behavioral scientists, process designers, facilitators, program managers, communication specialists, consultants and intelligent professionals with extensive experience working with a wide variety of businesses.

We design programs to measure and manage customer satisfaction and loyalty; we conduct hundreds of thousands of surveys; we conduct focus groups; we set up technology systems to gather and distribute customer feedback; we conduct industry studies; we measure financial impact; and we will conduct almost any type of study to help our clients better understand their customers.

We help companies understand their customers better; we get customer feedback to the people that need it to make decisions; we help companies understand the stability of their customer base; we identify what customers are about to leave; we help them understand what key initiatives will really make a difference.