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WalkMe unveiled a new version and upgrade to its award-winning contextual UX and engagement platform, which leads prospects, customers and employees through any web experience. The new version features a stunning new user interface, redesigned with an elegant color palette and distinct, functional layers that makes even simple tasks more engaging. It has over a hundred enhancements and new features including engagement optimization, contextual promotions, and advanced cross-selling capabilities.

San Francisco, CA, United States., August 5, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - WalkMe today unveiled a new version and major upgrade to its award-winning contextual UX and engagement platform, which is used to lead prospects, customers, employees or partners through any web experience. This is the most significant WalkMe update since the original product launch in 2012, and features a stunning new user interface, completely redesigned with an elegant color palette and distinct, functional layers that makes even simple tasks more engaging. The new version of the platform has over a hundred enhancements and new features including engagement optimization, contextual promotions, and advanced cross-selling capabilities. WalkMe helps enterprises to eliminate online confusion, while at the same time increase efficiency and reduce costs.
The new version features an enhanced design to its editor, ensuring an even simpler and easier to navigate user experience, so that companies can rapidly and effectively create the call-to-actions needed to guide and engage users, customers, partners and employees on any website or web-based software.
The upgraded version brings high-level guidance and engagement through the following features:
·         Segmentation – Managers can define with whom to engage and in what language by segmenting the display.  Segment users based on any criteria – location, role, language, among many others. Segmented display helps tailor the Walk-Thrus relevant for each user. For example, show only to new users or show to first time visitors only.
·         Onboarding – The WalkMe Onboarding feature lets managers to create a list of tasks for end users to complete as part of a training process on any software. Companies can automate the onboarding process by guiding new users through the essential introductory tasks. Measured by a progress bar, new users can receive the necessary training on their own time, while a company cuts costs and time.
·         Launchers - Launchers are icons located in strategic areas on a site that can either direct users to the WalkMe widget or automatically start a Walk-Thru. Launchers can create a strong call to action on difficult pages or complicated tasks, and will provide users with an easily visible and accessible way to receive the guidance they need to perform a process.
·         Widget - The widget is where a user can search and run a specific Walk-Thru. The widget can appear on any side of the screen and will contain a list of Walk-Thrus, content and tailored search engine results. The simple display in non-intrusive, but becomes an intuitive place where a user can search for help. 
·         Content – This feature integrates existing support resources with the WalkMe widget. Managers can integrate videos and user guides using the Content feature to post videos and articles. As a result, users that are accustomed to a more traditional guidance experience have all the necessary tools at their fingertips.
·         Permalinks - A link that will automatically play a Walk-Thru, permalinks are extremely helpful when sent in a support email, through any chat service software or social media. Permalinks provide service and engagement managers with an indispensable tool for immediate, easy and efficient omni-channel support.
·         Auto Play – This feature, which automatically plays a Walk-Thru, allows managers to engage a target segment by automatically playing a Walk-Thru based on specific criteria. Managers can engage first time users of a software or website by giving them a brief tour and to display features. Alternatively, it can be used for alerting customers for a user-specific reason, such as if a bill is close to being due, or for any other type of alert.
·         Live Chat Integration – Live Chat applications can leverage WalkMe so that common questions will be handled automatically, letting chat reps engage with more customers on key issues. 
·         Search - With connections to Google, Bing, Zendesk and Desk.com, the WalkMe Search Widget is able to scour all relevant documentation to assist customers.
The new WalkMe version is available immediately on any PC or mobile browser and available as a free software upgrade for existing WalkMe customers. As before, WalkMe has full multi-language capabilities. With this latest release WalkMe continues to fulfill its mission to simplify the online user experience and eliminate user confusion on any website or software. 
About WalkMe
WalkMe™ provides a cloud-based platform designed to help professionals – customer service managers, user experience managers, training professionals, SaaS providers and sales managers – guide and engage prospects, customers, employees and partners through any online experience. WalkMe is used by Enterprises from a wide range of industries and verticals - including Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Citrix, Stanley Black&Decker, US Foods, Bank of Montreal and Kimberly-Clark - to increase sales and conversion rates, boost UX, reduce support costs, and improve employee productivity. Working for any cloud-based software or customer-facing website, comprehensive step-by-step guidance, through a sequence of call to actions called Walk-Thrus, is delivered in the moment of need without requiring the user to leave the screen, to watch video tutorials or to read tedious manuals or FAQ pages. As a result, users can successfully perform online actions with confidence, ease and burden-free. WalkMe’s human-like algorithm delivers contextual guidance, so that the right people receive the right guidance - specific to each user’s role, tasks, actions and device. WalkMe accurately adapts to any screen size and resolution. All of this is accomplished without any changes or integration to the underlying software. Using WalkMe does not require download. WalkMe has received wide industry recognition and acclaim- “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, Red Herring Top 100 Award, “Top Apps That Will Change Your Business” by CIO Magazine, Customer Magazine's Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, Silicon Valley's TiE50 Award, "Hottest Companies in San Francisco" award and more.

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