In web browsers we should not trust

Quite an ineteresting article. I think that whatever browser you use there should NEVER be total trust placed in it, there are holes in most things and hackers waiting to exploit them everywhere.


Davey Winder  29 Jul, 2014


"Davey Winder explains why end users should be wary of putting too much trust in their chosen web browser

Security vendor Sophos published details of a 'trustworthy browser poll' last week, with a headline proclaiming Firefox "slams Chrome again" in the results.

Indeed it did, with 48 per cent of the 3,400 participants trusting it most. This compared with 27 per cent for Chrome, eight per cent for Safari, 7.4 per cent for Internet Explorer and just five per cent for Opera.

The remaining 4.6 per cent trusted browser clients such as Tor, Comodo Ice, Chromium and even Lynx, for those of you with a really long memory that stretches back as far as the text-only world wide web."

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