What’s Behind the Changing Views on Israel v. Hamas?

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With Fred Fleitz, Joshua Muravchik, Bill Roggio

Joshua Muravchik, a fellow at SAIS’s Foreign Policy Institute, joins Frank for a special two part program to discuss his new book, “Making David Into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel.”

On today’s show:

FRED FLEITZ, fellow at the Center for Security Policy:

  • New documents leaked by Edward Snowden detailing NSA and FBI surveillance practices
  • Misleading claims made by Glen Greenwald about the NSA’s spying targets in the American Muslim community
  • The Council on American Islamic Relations’ connections to Hamas
JOSHUA MURAVCHIK, author of “Making David Into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel”:
  • Influence of the works of Columbia University Professor Edward Said on the international attitude towards the US-Palestinian conflict
  • The current threat Hamas poses to Israel
  • State of the Obama Administration’s relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel
  • Material and intellectual trends in the second half of the 20th century that transformed international attitudes towards Israel