What's new in screen technologies? (Hint: it's all about contrast)

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Today's applications - and those of the future - can be quite sophisticated. Consider a 'cave' setup, where the user steps into a virtual environment (an operating room, for example), with images rear-projected from above, below, and all around. If the contrast parameters of the various screens are not optimized, light bounces all over the cave as glare and poor image quality. So, contrast is truly key.

At Barco, we've optimized our technology to be able to provide coated, rear-projection screens on semi-rigid, acrylic, and glass foundations. In addition, to provide the best possible image results for the customer's particular application, we've perfected the match between screen and projector.

A marriage between screen and projector

It's essential to optimize the characteristics of the screen according to your application. For example, imagine you choose a projector and a screen for a dashboard application: unless the properties of both the projector and the screen are optimized for this particular application, there's a very good chance that the bright data appearing against the dark background will look fuzzy, because the screen's contrast parameter is not quite right for that projector.

One rule of thumb to remember the optimal results: the screen and projector must match each other.

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