Why Your Enterprise Should Have a Mobile App

Consider this―more than 1 billion of the 4 billion phones in the world today are smartphones. Yes, a whopping 1 billion of the world’s total 4+ billion mobile phones today are smartphones. Almost everyone you see today has a large rectangle in their pockets. This is a great opportunity for businesses because it gives them the opportunity to connect with people with the help of smartphone applications.

While app developers create apps differently for different platforms such as iOS and Android, a single framework can also be used to develop apps for different platforms if it is planned well in advance. What was once used just to talk to people now offers tools to connect with millions of people and access and handle businesses; As the saying goes, you have “The world at your fingertips”.

Businesses strive toward improving productivity in their workforce and increasing ROI. Mobile applications help businesses in this regard. 

Today, start-ups and businesses are flourishing but have a constant need for security. After all, private company information cannot be compromised, and companies carefully consider how they can protect information on their employees’ smart devices.

Mobile Stats

Seventy-two percent of small businesses use mobile apps in their operations. A recent survey revealed that of all the businesses that implemented the use of smartphone apps, 42 percent increased productivity, 39 percent reduced paperwork, and 47 percent increased revenue. Of the small businesses, 62 percent were able to save time, 59 percent increased productivity, and 29 percent reduced costs. By 2016, it is projected that mobile app downloads will reach 44 billion. So for big and small businesses, it is the way to go.

Benefits of Mobile Applications

Smartphones have helped revolutionize businesses. Here are some ways your organization can use a mobile app.

1) Creating virtual offices is easy

Smartphones allow you to create and share work docs through apps. One can manage projects, communicate with co-workers, etc. all with smartphone apps. You don’t have to be at the office to get work done anymore. They help create what you can call a “virtual office.”This virtual office space provides access to project management software, client relationship management software, and lets you share docs and track time, among a myriad of other helpful features. It is much easier to access information and develop client relationships with mobile apps.

2) Enhanced customer communication

Managing customers has never been easier. With the help of mobile applications, it is easy for a business to communicate with its customers. An interactive customer-business relationship is essential to a business. As a business professional, you need to understand that you need to invest in apps that will help you develop better customer relationships. For instance, knowing user complaints will help you understand how to improve your business app.

3) Cost-effective

The costs for advertising and marketing services, customer service, and project expenditure can be effectively cut down with the use of applications. Product exposure can also be directed easily to targeted audiences thus simplifying the entire process.

4) Productivity

Mobile apps are invaluable to businesses because they accelerate productivity. Just take a look at the current App Store and you’ll find many apps for business and productivity. With the use of these devices, businesses can increase productivity, reduce paperwork, and thus increase revenue. Innovation is a business’ best investment and why businesses must keep building apps.

Companies Using Mobile Apps to Help Business

Companies and enterprises such as Starbucks, Domino’s, Grainger, Jimmy John’s, and CVS Pharmacy have created some innovative apps that have given a boost to their business. Other companies that use mobile apps to fast track their business range from IBM, Gorman Farm, Epix Mix, Uncorkd, ANZ Bank of Australia, Celcom, and IHS to Royal Bank of Canada and Nielsen.

In fact, Irish tech company Feed Henry has helped companies make it easier to develop apps. With Feed Henry, building mobile apps is much simpler thanks to acceleration of the development and deployment life cycle.

There is a more open, scalable architecture that makes mobile development more agile and sustainable. As an enterprise, you need an app that listens to you and your needs. Customized solutions for your business may cost a bit, but will be effective in the long run especially if you need apps that can protect information and privacy to the core and offer employees and customers a better way to communicate. The question at the end thus remains, what type of app does your organization need?

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