Wichita Police Receive PETA Award for Rescuing Dog Trapped on Highway Ledge

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Group Stresses Importance of Keeping Dogs and Cats Safe During Frightening Fireworks Displays

July 10, 2014

Alexis Sadoti 202-483-7382

Wichita, Kansas – On July 4, a dog named Harley was spooked by fireworks, jumped his family’s fence, and took off running, ending up trapped on the side of a 32-foot overpass at Kellogg Drive and Tyler Road in Wichita—and that’s when Wichita Police sprang into action. Officers retrieved the dog from the ledge and, when he took off again, shut down traffic until they were able to recapture him. While Harley stayed safe at the home of one of the officers that night, a viral Facebook photo of the rescue efforts helped the department find his family, and they were reunited the next day.

For saving Harley and reuniting him with his family, the Wichita Police Department will receive PETA’s Compassionate Action Award.

“The tenacity and know-how shown by the Wichita Police Department—both on the street and in officers’ successful use of social media—is an inspiration,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “Wichita is very fortunate to have first responders who are ready to protect and serve all members of the community—human and nonhuman alike.”

For its efforts, the police department will receive a framed certificate, a letter of appreciation, and an assortment of delicious vegan cookies from PETA.

PETA reminds all families to protect their animal companions during fireworks, which sound exactly like “bombs bursting in air” to dogs and cats and can cause them to panic and jump over fences, as Harley did, as well as break chains or even break through glass windows in an effort to escape the terrifying sounds. During fireworks, keep dogs and cats at home indoors—if possible, stay with them—and always make sure that your animal companion is microchipped and wearing a collar or harness with an up-to-date identification tag, just in case.

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