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Winola motivate mothers to improve the quality of life of children in Batu Layang Village

Winolia Bagio is a cadre of the sponsorship of Wahana Visi Indonesia in Urban Pontianak Operations Office. Winola has been quite long involved in many activities of Wahana Visi (partner of World Vision Indonesia), especially in children's activities ranging from training in health, education, environment and economy. Her assisted area is Batu Layang Village.

"I am really excited to take an active part in many activities of Wahana Visi because I got a lot of knowledge and skills that I can apply in my life, which at the beginning I did not know at all but later I know," said Winola.

At first the involvement of Winola was just to fill her spare time as a housewife. Now her motivation is not only that, but she wants to further improve the quality of life of children in her assisted areas. Although sometimes she faces obstacles and challenges in partnering with Wahana Visi, she handles them with patience and fortitude. None of the obstacles and challenges can hinder her to serve the community, especially the children, in her area.

"The local people often underestimate what we do. I also often get sharp questions from the parents of sponsor children about what benefit their children will get, and it is not easy to gather the children to attend the activities," Winola explains.

When asked to express her hope on a better life of the children in her area, Winola explains, "I want the children to keep schooling, and I want to be involved in socialization activities to make them aware of the dangers of drugs, narcotics, alcohol and promiscuity."

It is her main hope until now, because a lot of the children problems have not been handled and even spread wider. She has never got bored to request Wahana Visi to carry out positive activities in her area to prevent or mitigate the children problems, such as socialization for children about the dangers of alcohol, drugs, narcotics and promiscuity.

During sponsorship cadres’ refreshment activities conducted by Wahana Visi in the Operations Office of Urban Pontianak in August 2013, Winola was selected as the best sponsorship cadre from about a hundred sponsorship cadres in the assisted area.

Hopefully Winola’s dedication to children in her area could become an inspiration for the other cadres or even the Pontianak community to make a better welfare for the children. Congratulations, Mrs. Winola! * (Written by Christine Lora Egaratri, CSMP Coordinator Wahana Visi Indonesia Kantor Operasional Urban Pontianak; translated by Lukas J. Ginting)

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