Woman in Bathtub to Mimic Conditions for Marine Mammals at SeaWorld

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PETA Action Will Blast Park's Cruel 'Whale Jail,' Reliance on Psychotropic Drugs

August 13, 2014

David Perle 202-483-7382

San Antonio, Texas – Sitting in a bathtub at a busy San Antonio intersection and holding a sign that reads, “Could You Live in Your Bathtub? Boycott SeaWorld,” a PETA member will illustrate the daily suffering of SeaWorld’s captive orcas on Thursday. As the damning SeaWorld documentary Blackfish shows, the parks unnaturally confine these majestic animals, who swim up to 100 miles a day in nature, to tiny concrete tanks.

When:   Thursday, August 14, 12 p.m.

Where:  Intersection of E. Commerce and Losoya streets, San Antonio

“SeaWorld tears orca families apart and deprives these intelligent, social animals of everything that’s natural and important to them,” says PETA Foundation Deputy General Counsel Delcianna Winders. “PETA urges everyone to speak out against this cruelty by refusing to buy tickets to SeaWorld’s shows.”

In the wild, orcas work cooperatively to find food, share intricate relationships, and traverse vast expanses of ocean every day. Some orcas imprisoned at SeaWorld were taken from their ocean homes and family pods. The orcas are forced to perform circus-style tricks for food and are often given the drug diazepamto manage stress-induced and aggressive psychotic behavior. Following the release of Blackfish, attendance at SeaWorld parks dropped 13 percent and the company was named one of the most hated in the U.S. in a Consumerist poll.

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