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The Women’s Fashion 365 Blog readers can keep up with the latest news and tips on women’s fashions, including large size women’s fashions and topics like the most stylish women’s fashion belts. Phoenix, Az, Dec 25,2007--Fashion fan, Merilyn Dwornik, has joined with Neekam company to create the Women’s Clothes 365 blog. This blog will act as a source of information and networking for sourcing the best available women’s fashion catalogs, clothing and accessories, and women fashion topics. This blog's mission is to provide information on getting the highest level of fashion for your budget and lifestyle. Merilyn Dwornik says, “The wonderful world of women’s fashion is a multi faceted market where many different lifestyle brands compete for popularity. What is most important is finding your own personal style and enhancing that. A very popular topic is tall women’s fashions, or fashions for large women. Not everyone fits the American supermodel standard of beauty or physical shape and it is my goal to help everyone understand that fashion is for everyone.” This http://womensfashion365.com blog seeks to add to the publicity surrounding the wide world of women’s fashion, and will examine looks and trends of 1970's fashion, women’s 50s fashion, women’s fashions of the1980's, 1920s women’s fashion, and more! Merilyn Dwornik says, "You can’t go wrong with the little black dress, throughout the decades it has been the go to garment of women’s fashion for many events. Whether it is a cocktail party or a family reunion, the understated little black dress will make you look great.” She continues, "These great classic looks can easily be found in almost any women’s fashions catalog. The best bet to growing your wardrobe is to stick to classic versatile cuts and fabrics that will not look dated in the next calendar year. Women’s fashion clothing trends have a lifespan on average of about a year as far as market research goes. You want to market he best investment so that this year’s trendy jeans don’t turn into next year’s fashion embarrassment." And adds, "Shopping for shop women’s fashion can be a great experience; especially with the wealth of online retailers and discount outlets online. You can easily order a women’s fashion catalog from any website and enjoy the sales and discounts in the comfort of your home." The Women’s Fashion 365 Blog informs readers about the latest news on even the more obscure aspects of women’s fashion, such as, women’s fashion watches, women’s fashion brooches, and even period clothing from old west women’s fashions of the 1890’s which to this day continue to inspire designers and create new exciting looks. Neekam company helps clients get the most out of their Internet domain names. Neekam's proprietary Blog Domain Name Riches system is a “soup-to-nuts” key to unlocking domain name investing riches. To learn more go here: http://neekam.com Press release distribution by PressReleasePoint(http://www.pressreleasepoint.com/) Contact info: Merilyn Dwornik Partner Neekam Inc 830 N 1st Ave. Phoenix, Az. 85003 602-254-6844 webmediagroup@gmail.com http://www.neekam.com

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