The World’s Most Abundant Ecosystem – Your Lawn and Garden

Microscopic organisms from Bio S.I. Technology play vital role in plant growth-- The benefits of using Bio S.I. for plants are numerous. With the microbial formula, lawns, flower beds and gardens become more vigorous and soil tilth is improved. Lawns enjoy better grass coverage and gardens produce better tasting vegetables when using the product

Justin, TX – Sept. 22, 2011 – Healthy plants begin with healthy soil. But what is healthy soil? Bio S.I. Technology, producer of beneficial microbes which restore, renew and rebuild soil, has spent many years providing the solution to home owners and food producers. They have helped transform the worst of soil conditions and know the key lies with nature’s tiniest helpers – micro organisms.
Soil is somewhat mysterious because its workings are invisible to the human eye. In reality, soil is just decomposed rocks. Over millions of years, wind, rain and chemical reactions break rocks down into what we call soil. And while soil contains a rich amount of minerals and moisture, it cannot support plant life without micro organisms.
Micro organisms such as fungi and bacteria help in the exchange of nutrients between roots and soil and act as a reserve for nutrients. Soil contains up to one million species of microbes per gram, most of those species being unknown, making it the most abundant ecosystem on earth.
Since the middle of the 20th century, agriculture has relied heavily on chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase production and have ignored the overall health of soil. Wayne Tucker, president of Bio S.I. Technology, has been involved in soil research for over 20 years and is an expert in the development of naturally occurring bacteria and fungi that are vital to healthy soil conditions.
Horticulturists today have a greater understanding that soil is a living ecosystem vital to plant growth,” Tucker said. “Neglecting the vitality of micro organisms can result in depleted soil and make it hard to grow anything from a garden to a field of corn.”
Fortunately, soils can be revitalized by adding beneficial microbes. Bio S.I. offers a wide selection of formulas that contain naturally occurring fungi and bacteria including Lawn & Garden Formula, Lawn & Garden Select, Agriculture Formula, Pond Formula, Turf Formula, Turf Select, Septic Formula, Remediation Formula and JACKPOT, a new product which brings the naturally beneficial soil borne microbes found in nature to your animals.
Bio-S.I. does not use manure in any phase of production. This means Bio S.I. can be used throughout the entire growing season unlike products that contain manure. Products made with manure cannot be used within 120 days of maturity of the crops because of the threat of pathogens being passed on to humans or animals.
Lawn & Garden Formula and Lawn & Garden Select are popular home products and are easy to use. These formulas are specially designed for treating flower beds, lawns, shrubs, trees, and gardens and are approved for organic programs. A quart covers up to 5,000 sq. ft. which is usually more than enough for a normal sized lawn or garden. The product comes in a spray bottle which is simply attached to the end of your hose and applied by spraying it on your lawn and garden.
Bio S.I. inoculants are also a complement to fertilizers. Many fertilizers do not contain the microbes needed to convert minerals into usable food for a plant. Fungi and bacteria in soil inoculants help convert fertilizers into usable plant food. The use of soil inoculants results in cost savings as less overall fertilizer is needed.
Bio S.I. microbes are the miniature miracle workers that move soil pH toward neutral, whether it is acidic or alkaline so your garden and soil proficiency will be long lasting and durable for seasons to come. Plant nutrients are then sustained in the soil so when watered, the nutrients will not be lost in irrigation. Microbes are also able to digest chemical residues that may build up in the soil to ensure healthy soil. Adding Bio S.I. to your gardening routine is a great way to ensure healthy soil along with a beautiful lawn and healthy garden. Bio S.I. products are found in many co-ops and nurseries and are also available online at
About Bio S.I. Technology
Bio-S.I. Technology, LLC was incorporated in 2006 and includes a team of experts who have over 20 years of experience producing microbial products since 1989.   Bio-S.I. solutions are organic, made with soil borne microbes and do not contain any laboratory engineered or manipulated microbes.  The company constantly strives to improve their products and uses cutting-edge testing methods for improving the consistency of every product they make.  For more information about Bio S.I. Technology, or to purchase their cutting-edge formulas, please visit  or email
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