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In response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released the following statement from President and CEO Carter Roberts:

On Climate

“President Obama rightly reminded us that our children and grandchildren will judge leaders by the decisions we make on climate and energy today.

“Over the next year, the President has the chance to protect future generations by creating a long-term energy vision that tackles climate change. By setting new national targets for reducing carbon pollution and increasing clean energy, the President can point the way toward a safer, cleaner future for America, and the world.

“The US cannot solve the climate challenge alone. President Obama must leverage meaningful commitments here at home to lay the foundation for engaging other countries. This starts with setting a clear, ambitious vision for America by finalizing pollution standards for power plants and setting new national climate targets. Strong US actions can help catalyze new emissions reductions from all major economies, like Europe, China and Brazil, prior to the Paris climate summit in 2015. Securing an effective international plan to tackle climate change in 2015 starts with strong leadership from the US today.”

On Trade

“As the administration pushes for expanding trade with Europe and the Pacific Rim, it’s critical that it emphasizes ambitious and enforceable environmental protections. We do not have to trade our planet’s future to boost trade among nations. This is a truth for the administration as it negotiates trade agreements and for Congress as it considers Trade Promotion Authority.”

On Conserving Natural Resources

“The President’s commitment to set aside more of our nation's natural areas as parks and preserves for future generations reminds us that conservation is truly a bipartisan American ethic.”

News Source : WWF Response to the State of the Union Address

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