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The Peoria System is a 1-day handicapping system for tournaments in which most of the golfers do not have real handicap indexes (company or charity outings, for example).

Chicago, IL, February 02, 2011 (PressReleasePoint) -- The Peoria System is a 1-day handicapping system for tournaments in which most of the golfers do not have real handicap indexes (company or charity outings, for example).

The Peoria System - while, like the similar Callaway System, is based in certain part on luck - allows a "handicap allowance" to be determined and then applied to each golfer's score.

The tournament committee secretly selects six holes. These are usually two par 3s, two par 4s and two par 5s, and often one of each type per nine (one par 3 on the front, the other on the back nine). Competitors do not know which holes have been selected.

Groups tee off and complete their rounds, playing stroke play and scoring in the normal fashion with one exception that is handled completely by tour•bot, double par is the maximum (i.e., 8 is the maximum score on a par-4). Just score the gross strokes by hole for each player and tour•bot will do everything else. Following completion of play, the six Peoria holes are announced by the tournament committee.

tour•bot totals each player's six Peoria holes and then multiples that total by 3. The total course par is subtracted from that total; then the resulting number is multiplied by 80 percent (rounded down). This resulting number becomes the player's Course Handicap for this tournament and is then applied against the gross strokes like any computed Course Handicap. The hole-by-hole application of the Peoria Course Handicap allows ties to be settled by comparing Peoria Net Strokes by hole, starting with the highest handicapped ranked hole.

tour•bot does all of these scoring calculations in an instant and is ready to Display, Email, AirPrint® or Bump® the results to / from the scorekeeper from your favorite Apple™ iDevice

tour•bot™ is the first full-featured golf tournament scoring app designed to be completely self-sufficient on your favorite iOS® Apple® device. No Internet service required to score any type of tournament! tour•bot™ does not require web-site registration or the cellular data network to provide an unequaled array of scoring and reporting capabilities. AirPrint® wireless printing and Bump® tournament sharing both require wireless connectivity to operate.

tour•bot™ offers numerous options in scoring events and includes the most asked for golf games for scoring.
When performing detailed hole-by-hole scoring, golfers can score one time and then report on:
• Stroke Play;
• Skins games (either a Tournament style with roll-over or a hole-by-hole scoring);
• 2-Player best-ball game with either event-level team or tournament-level team pairings;
• 4-Player 2-best-balls game, also with either event-level team or tournament-level team pairings;
• Stableford results at tour, event and player detailed reporting levels and now with 2 & 4 Player teams;
• Match Play scoring results at the event level scored either as a head-to-head or with 2 & 4 Player teams;
• Blind Nine for single players, 2 and 4 Player teams;
• Quota tournament scoring system;
• Callaway scoring system with optional Dr. Scheid modified chart;
• Peoria scoring system for single players, 2 and 4 Player teams.

All of the above games may be scored and reported at the same time on the same tournament. No other golf tournament scoring software for iPhone can do this.

When doing round-summary scoring, golfers can score adjusted gross stokes and up to three separate games (such as Binga, Banga, Bonga, or any three scores they wish to keep) for all players on the tournament.

tour•bot™ is the first app to create, schedule, facilitate pairings, record scores and produce tournament reports and player statistics for ad hoc or recreational golf tournaments. In addition, with the highly detailed scoring option enabled, golfers can keep track of their personal golf scores to analyze and improve their performance while also computing a recreational handicap index after scoring five rounds, all on their Apple® iOS® device. No other App on the iTunes® store offers so much power in a single App, with No monthly fees!

Features of the tour•bot™ application include:
-- Advanced data entry techniques for fast, accurate scoring, requiring the bare minimum time to complete;
-- Multi-view capability dramatically reduces number of touches to view data for tours and individual scores;
-- Scoring can be total round or hole-by-hole detail with two level of detail scoring to select from;
-- Produces customizable reports and tour/event/pairing notices for each tournament participants;
-- Allows the emailing or review of reports directly on the Apple® iOS® device;
-- Attaches a gZip'ed file to the email with all reports to allow the easy import into any spreadsheet program
-- Use the Address database on the Apple® iOS® device for email information;
-- Using either the built-in camera or photos in the Photo library, add a photo snapshot of the tour participants;
-- Scoring capability for two Skins games, 2-player best-ball and 4-player 2-best-ball;
-- Includes the popular Stableford and Match Play scoring, either head-to-head or 2 & 4 Player teams;
-- Great tournament games: Blind 9 (either head-to-head or 2 & 4 Player teams), Quota, Callaway, Callaway/Scheid, Peoria;
-- Complete help system built-in;
-- Reserves mobile device battery life while on the course, by not requiring GPS based services, Cellular Data Network, etc.;
-- Unlimited capability for courses, players, tournaments or events (subject to device capacity);
-- With iOS® version 4.2.1 on your Apple iOS device, tour•bot now has AirPrint as one of the output options.

Full use of all program features requires using detailed scoring option and the entry of all course-related information, including: course rating, slope, PAR by hole, and handicap ranking by hole.

You can "get the fun done!" with tour•bot™ for $4.99 from the App Store® on iPhone® or iPad®.
tour•bot™ and your•bot™ associated trademarks and logos are trademarks of James Prete.

About your•bot:
your•bot is a newly formed group focused on developing and delivering advanced and easy-to-use software for amateur competitions that span multiple events and locations. Principal developer, James Prete, has been developing software solutions for a broad variety of markets for over thirty years. tour•bot is the first in a series of apps that will focus on providing solutions that work the best for the competition at hand.
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