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It is important to carefully follow the instructions on the label stitched inside each shirt. Furthermore, notice the following precautions

Milan, Italy, Italy., December 3, 2013 - PressReleasePoint

It is important to carefully follow the instructions on the label stitched inside each shirt. Furthermore, notice the following precautions:
WASHING – Keep white and coloured fabrics severely separate. Do not overload machine. Given, say, a nominal capacity of 5 Kg, do not exceed a max. total fill of 3 kg at a time. For instance, a cotton shirt will usually weight between approx. 200 and 300 g. Cotton should be washed at 50°C max, linen at 40°C max., and silk or wool should always be washed in unheated water. Detergents and softeners should be used sparingly; as a rule, using half the quantity recommended by the manufacturer will do nicely.
STAIN REMOVAL – Given today’s detergents, a mere wash at temperatures specified above should normally suffice for stains to go out in the process. However, such notoriously persistent stains as grass, fruit, rust or ink should first be tackled with a stain remove (preferably the biological kind) before washing. Always remember that best results are achieved where treatment is effected immediately. Any delay tends to make a harder job of it.
DRYING – Mechanical drying should preferably be shunned. Tumblers, for instance, will destabilize fibres to such an extent that shrinkage may occur even on sanforized garments. Drying temperatures must never exceed a maximum of 50°C. This manufacturer recommends air drying at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight. Hang up garment while still wet, using a coat hanger or securing it with clothes pegs.
PRESSING – Make sure ironing temperature is well adapted to the material in had, thus high for cotton, medium for linen and low for wool or silk. Pressing when moist warrants best results so that a steam flat iron is most recommendable. Use of an ironing cloth is your best assurance of precluding undesirable glossiness or wool or silk. Do not use too much starch when ironing collars or cuffs. 
The article that you're wearing is made with high quality buttons in mother-of-pearl.
Such mother-of-pearl shells are not accidental gifts from the sea. They are product of a complicated partner-ship between humans and nature, spawned in azure lagoons amid the distant atolls of the South Pacific and east Africa.

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