Asha Hai Announces New Developmental & Speech therapy for Children with Special Needs

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Asha Hai is a highly reputed and renowned school that provides special education in south Delhi. The school provides early Intervention for children with special needs in South Delhi through a wide range of services and therapies such as Advance Creative Education, Psychometric Assessment, Clinical Counselling, Early Intervention Services as well as Parent Support.

City, State, India., November 20, 2017 - (PressReleasePoint) -

Asha Hai, the leading inclusive schools for children with special needs has announced new developmental & speech therapy for special needs children in Delhi. With this move, the special education school in Delhi is looking to cater to the additional requirements of the children with mental, physical and developmental health problems.

Talking about their latest speech and developmental therapy, a spokesperson at Asha Hai reiterated, “At Asha Hai, they are committed to providing children with special needs an advanced and appropriate developmental & speech therapy that further enables them in developing fine motor as well as gross motor skills. The innovative developmental and speech therapy program will help children in eliminating their speech problems as well as leading a much more independent life.”

It must be noted that as the premier inclusive school for children with special needs in South Delhi, Asha Hai has always been at the forefront of supporting and assisting children with special needs. In their initiative to provide early Intervention for children with special needs South Delhi-wide, Asha Hai will focus on offering advance developmental & speech therapy that covers numerous areas such as developing fine motor skills including writing with tripod & pincer grasp, small movements of the wrist and synchronization of the hands as well as fingers. Apart from this, their highly experienced staff members who also provide counselling and psychotherapy in South Delhi will focus on offering gross motor skill development, self care as well as communication skill development.

The spokesperson at Asha Hai further reiterated, “Their unique developmental therapy basically incorporates all the vital aspects of the occupational therapy such as language and speech pathology as well as physiotherapy. The trainers at Asha Hai are experts at providing speech therapy in South Delhi and will continue to help children with special skills in developing skills for managing their day to day life activities.”

Asha Hai team of developmental therapists is renowned for conducting speech therapy and Dance Therapy in Delhi. They’re capable of offering a wide range of training programs as well as exercises that further help children with special needs in improving their perceptual and other skills. As part of their developmental therapy, Asha Hai, the leading Autism school in South Delhi also works towards involving the parents of the special needs children. Their trainers encourage parents to help their children in learning the basic skills that are required for performing everyday activities. From providing advance and appropriate occupational therapy south Delhi-wide to conducting effective speech therapy, the developmental therapists help children with special needs in adopting adequate posture in positions as well as performing daily activities such as brushing, dressing, feeding with ease. For more information about Asha Hai and their services, visit !

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