LA Screen Writer Catherine Chen Releases Debut Novel

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Catherine Chen is a young author/screen writer based in Los Angeles, California. Her debut novel is the first in a series that will form the foundation for a screen play she is currently writing.

Los Angeles, CA, USA, May 7, 2017 - (PressReleasePoint) - Budding Los Angeles based author and screenwriter Catherine Chen releases her debut novel The Favored Son.  The novel guides the reader through an incredible journey about the trials and tribulations of a Chinese immigrant family living in the USA.  The Favored Son, is also the foundation of a screenplay created by Chen.

Chen’s novel highlights the traditional Chinese family expectations and values, as well as the reckless life journey of Jason Chen.  The storyline highlights the evolution of an immigrant family, their ambitions, and the ultimate travesty.  As the only son, amongst 5 sisters, Jason Chen has all the best intentions, but as the family relocates to California things begin to take a turn to the wild side.

The influences and peer pressure for him to succeed were far too much for young Jason.  His own journey began to go astray as he became so wrapped in a life of fame and fortune.  Having managed to buy his way through MIT, as the story unfolds, one can sense the breakdown, as well as the fading hopes of the disappointed family.  Turning to a life as a professional con artist, which undoubtedly lead to law enforcement agencies placing Jason Chen on their radar. His ultimate decision was to create a myriad of illusions, including faking his own death.  This allowed him to escape justice, and lead him to China and South America.

Despite the novel being completed in 2016, Catherine has been encouraged to develop her ideas into a screenplay.  Her desire to promote the values of love, family relationships and living in a multicultural society are at the heart of the screenplay.  Creating an example of how society can live together in peace and harmony, along with remembering core values of a community spirit.
Chen, herself, has lived many of the experiences scattered throughout her novel and demonstrates the fluidity of the characters with precision.  Despite graduating with a Master’s degree in International Relations, her passion for the performing arts began as a young girl.

Her desire to influence the way today's’ multicultural society interacts with each other is clear.  Introducing clever anecdotes, folly, and light humor demonstrates why The Favored Son is the perfect backdrop for her screenplay.  Chen comments “Through comedy, it is possible to touch core societal beliefs and transform them completely” she adds “Getting to the truth of some deep societal ideologies, and beginning to transform them into a new understanding.

“Far too many promote hateful ideologies, and much more must be done to bring cultures together, in love and peace”, Chen concludes.

The Favored Son is the first of a series of novels that encapsulate the life of a professional con-artist.  Readers encounter the affects his adventures cause his family, friends and ultimately his freedom.  Chen has recently commenced her second novel in the series, which is expected to be published towards the end of the year. 

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