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Urban Acoustic Pop Artist Lawrence Lee Releases New Music Video for “Jane” from Debut EP Strings & Dreams

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Today, BLE Music Group’s urban acoustic pop artist, Lawrence Lee, released his brand new music video for Jane, the single from his debut EP Strings & Dreams.

American Tubs Adds MicroBubbles by CG Air to List of Features

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American Tubs, walk-in tub manufacturer has partnered with CG Air Systèmes Inc., a company that designs, manufactures and distributes components for massage systems for bathtubs, showers and spas, by adding the Pure Bubbles System to their varied list of features, which deep cleanses the skin during bathing without harsh chemicals or soap.

So How Good is Electron Beam Welding

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How does electron beam welding compare with other kinds of welding, and what are its prospects as a production welding technique?
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