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Cygnet collaborates with Bitbank for IBISA project

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Cygnet Collaborates With Bitbank, A Blockchain Fintech Firm To Solve Major Agricultural Issues With Blockchain Based Solutions.

Pentek Announces Talon Rugged Small Form Factor RF/IF Recorders Optimized for SWaP

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*200 MS/sec to 3.6 GS/sec ultra-wideband RF/IF inputs *Real-time aggregate recording rates up to 4 GB/sec *SSD RAID storage capacity up to 30.7 TB using NTFS files *Small form factor 17-pound chassis

Pentek Announces Kintex UltraScale FMC Carrier for 3U VPX

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*3U VPX Carrier for Pentek Flexor FMC and FMC+ Modules *JadeFX Architecture with Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA *FlexorSet Integrated Sub-systems *Navigator Design Suite for Streamlined IP Development

SnapGene and Synbio Technologies Partner to Streamline Construct Design and Synthesis

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Synbio Technologies and GSL Biotech have finalized a non-exclusive agreement allowing customers of GSL Biotech’s “SnapGene” software to order constructs directly from Synbio Technologies after having designed them in SnapGene.

Pentek's Talon Rugged Recorders Now Captures 40 Gigabit Ethernet Streams

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*Record up to eight channels of Ethernet streams *Ethernet rates of 1, 10 and 40 Gigabits/second *Available in a field deployable, portable chassis *Real-time aggregate recording rates up to 10 GB/s *SSD RAID storage capacity up to 122 TB *SystemFlow GUI control panel for fast, intuitive operation

4C Pharma Solutions is Proud to Announce the Launch of E2B(R3) Compliant Systems

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4C Pharma Solutions is excited to announce the launch of prevalidated Oracle Argus Safety 8.1 and Backwards Forwards Compatibility (BFC) tool to convert E2B (R3) XML files to R2 format.

MindCraft Wins Best Business Partner Award

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MindCraft has been awarded the Best Business Partner Award by IBM. MindCraft received the award for achieving the Best Renewal Rate. IBM presents these awards to recognize and commend their Business Partners for generating value for end customers.

Synbio Technologies and Next Generation DNA Synthesis

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Synbio Technologies has unlocked a paradigm shift in the way modern scientists approach DNA synthesis.

Fusion Antibodies and Synbio Technologies Announced a Partnership to Support Biologic Drug Development

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Fusion Antibodies Ltd (UK) and Synbio Technologies Co. Ltd (China/USA) are excited to announce a commercial partnership to support biologic drug development in China.

Twist Bioscience Collaborates with Synbio Technologies to Supply Long DNA to Customers

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Twist Bioscience, a high-quality DNA synthesis company, announced that it signed an agreement with Synbio Technologies. The companies will partner their respective capabilities to provide customers with access to long-length genes up to 70 kilobases.
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