New European Social Survey data now available

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The first edition of data and documentation for European Social Survey (ESS) Round 8 (2016) has been published today (Tuesday 31 October). It means that data from the eighth iteration of the survey is now available from 18 of the 24 countries who undertook fieldwork in 2016.

Equitymaster's India Collapsing Conference

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Over the past 20 years, Equitymaster has become the 'investor's best friend'. And the team of researchers and editors at Equitymaster have consistently challenged the grain, accepting nothing at face value.

Is India Collapsing after Demonetisation

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Demonetisation of the highest currency notes has undoubtedly disturbed the average Indian investor.

Does the Fight against Black Money Side Step More Than 1800 Political Parties

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A petition requesting the President of India to instruct the Government to bring in the much needed change in the way political parties are being funded.

Chat Room Data Trumps Polls in Predicting Shock Election Conclusion

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Data gathered from Instachatrooms predicted Trump election victory a week before the Republican candidate was voted into the White House
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