Ubimax launches ‘Frontline Creator’ – a Tool for the easy Creation Own Augmented Reality Applications

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Frontline Creator, a new graphical Authoring & Publishing Tool for the creation of Wearable Computing and AR applications is now available as part of the web-based Ubimax Frontline Command Center. Shop floor managers can use Frontline Creator to easily configure Wearable Computing applications, existing workflows, user interfaces and system interfaces on the fly - without being an expert programmer. Applications developed with Frontline Creator are device-independent and support a huge range of Wearables, such as Smart Glasses.

Bremen, Germany. October 19, 2017 - (PressReleasePoint) - Ubimax, the leading supplier of Enterprise Wearable Computing solutions for the frontline worker, introduces a highly efficient self-service authoring and publishing tool named Frontline Creator. The web-based graphical editor enables easy and intuitive creation of Wearable Computing applications including key components such as workflows, user interfaces, system interfaces to backend systems like SAP, JDA or Manhattan, and wearable device networks. As a tool for Content Creation and Reality Capture for AR, Ubimax Frontline Creator perfectly complements Ubimax Frontline which is deployed at more than 200 customers around the globe today.
While creating Wearable Computing und Augmented Reality applications required substantial IT expertise in the past, Ubimax’s innovative Frontline Creator now allows shop floor managers to independently create, improve, and change their daily used applications as needed. Newly identified use cases on the shop floor can almost instantly be realized without expensive and time-consuming IT change requests, reducing the total cost of ownership to a minimum. With Frontline Creator, frontline managers have a tool at hand to directly resolve appearing operational challenges themselves driving time-to-impact of their operations to a level never seen before on the shop floor. Using Frontline Creator consequently results in substantial acceleration of the return-on-invest of solutions for the frontline worker taking adaption of Augmented Reality in enterprises to the next level.
Applications created with Frontline Creator automatically benefit from Ubimax’ features, fully optimized for wearables such as offline speech recognition, responsive user interfaces, remote support, documentation, seamless over-the-air updates, push notification, and many more. Ubimax customers, such as AGCO, which are already using Frontline Creator for a while as early adaptors are amazed by the silent revolution the editor has started on their shop floors already today. "The easy handling and user experience of Frontline Creator is more than impressive. This self-service tool now makes it possible for us to optimize our daily processes faster than we have ever dreamed of," states Wassim Saedi, CEO at WS Kunststoff-Service.
"The main focus while developing Frontline Creator was on enhancing the user experience for none-IT-people. We are very excited to now enable our customers to independently handle complex Augmented Reality technologies that are simplifying their actual real-world tasks and boost their business," states Dr. Hendrik Witt, CEO of Ubimax. "In addition, with special Frontline Creator versions for our implementation partners, we provide our strongly growing eco-system with a powerful and unique tool to improve their services provided to their customers – a clear win-win-win."
About Ubimax
Ubimax is the global market leader for industrial Wearable Computing solutions, creating full, end to end, integrated solutions that incorporate the latest Wearable Computing technologies to improve business operations. Ubimax solutions have received numerous awards, including: Auggie Award for “Best Enterprise Solution”, MHI Innovation Award for “Best IT Innovation”, and winner of the SAP & Google Glass Challenge. Ubimax has been recognized as the leader in Enterprise Wearables and Augmented Reality Solutions by ABI Research.

With offices in Germany, the U.S. and Mexico, Ubimax today serves more than 200 customers globally. Leveraging over 10 years of experience as well as an extensive track-record in the fields of Wearable Computing, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Sensor Systems, Ubimax’s technological innovations continue to be at the very forefront of Wearable Computing solutions.

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