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Kunsh Technologies
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719A, Sakar 9, Near Old RBI, Ashram Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009
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Corporate PR / Marketing Department
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When talk about effective web development and online marketing services, Kunsh Technologies has always stood as a champion in the market. Since its inception in the year 2010, the company is constantly heading towards growth. The single person sailing has turned into a big ship sailing strongly seeing the ups and downs on their way to success.

Kunsh Technologies aim to offer quality-based information technology services to clients worldwide in two domains i.e. US Staffing/RPO and Offshore Software Development. Their service area includes serving offshore recruiters for the US based staffing agencies to offer high value returns with minimum cost along with assuring quality services in Microsoft and PHP technologies.

The company highly believes in maintaining and retaining its values. Client satisfaction and delivering quality results are their utmost concerns. The honesty, dedication and attitude of the professionals working here helps them to grow further. The challenges inspire them to work hard and re-invest themselves to grow further. The strong, crazy and fun-loving atmosphere of their company and team of Microsoft .Net Developers, PHP Laravel Developers, Front-End and UI Designers & Developers and US Recruiters. In India, the company is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and planning to soon expand its operations in other states of the country as well.

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Digital Marketer
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