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Qapfy IT Solutions
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Concorde Towers, UB City, Level 15, 24/1, Vittal Mallya Road
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Corporate PR / Marketing Department
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We are a technology company based in Bangalore. We bring in a blend of ideas, creativity and innovation to grow along with our clients. We use our creative prowess and imagination to architect beautiful, easy to use experiences and products that mask the ingenious yet complex technology which lies beneath.

At Qapfy, we work on design and development. We are a multi-functional team with roots in graphic and web design, web development, SEO, application development for web, iOS and Android. We can provide you with a complete IT solutions in various sectors of your business depending on your requirements. Once we understand your business and what you deal with, we will bring in ideas which can bring the best solution to ease your business, develop your brand and improve customer satisfaction.

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Business Manager
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