Why In-Home Marketing works for brands & re-purchasing.

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The incredible effect of In Home Sampling is illustrated through a number of different brands who have seen their sales and customer base skyrocket. It is a marketing strategy that works extremely well for everyone and here are just a few reasons why.

Sydney. Australia., April 18, 2017 - (PressReleasePoint).

Consumer Input: A large part of what makes the Black Box model great, is how invested consumers are. Not only are they keen to receive free products (who wouldn’t be?), but they actively discuss and repurchase. Black Box social media accounts are packed with comments from users about how they keep falling in love with products.
Hands-On use: There is something special about physically handling a product in a domestic space that works in a way different to other marketing types. When a consumer receives a brand product and begins using it in their household, it becomes a part of their life. That means it is likely to be added to the next shopping list and consumer loyalty can be built!
Targeting: From the large Black Box customer base, using the information Black Box ask for during sign up, they are able to work with a brand to target only the people that the client wants. This means products aren’t ending up in the hands of people unlikely to use them, saving money, time and effort. It also increases the likelihood of repurchase and active use.
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